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In 2014 Arkhangelsk will celebrate the 430th anniversary of its foundation. What makes Arkhangelsk unique is not only the ancient Northern Russian traditions. The city’s main asset is its residents. The capital of Pomorye is a native land of many dedicated, talented and hardworking people who have left a large footprint in the history of the city, the region and the country. Arkhangelsk and its region have become world known due to Mikhail Lomonosov, one of the greatest scientists, whose 300th anniversary Russia celebrated in 2011.
Today, Arkhangelsk has huge economic and cultural potential. The 21st century Arkhangelsk is changing for the better: new houses and children's playgrounds are being built, roads are being repaired, precincts and cartilages are becoming cozier, hospitals, schools and kindergartens are being renovated, clubs and community centres – reenergized. Arkhangelsk residents justly take pride in their home city and are willing to share this feeling with guests of the Northern land.
In Russia, there’s a large number of cities worth close attention and studying as their past and present comprise the invaluable heritage of the great Russian history. Arkhangelsk, the centre of Arkhangelsk Region, has its unique ability to harmoniously combine the typical and the individual.
It distinguishes itself among other seaports and regional centres. With its larger part located on the right bank of the longest North European river the Northern Dvina, Arkhangelsk also stands out geographically. Although a typically estuary port (which explains the industry branch specialization and character and volume of foreign trade), Arkhangelsk preserves its individuality in a number of specific details.
Today’s Arkhangelsk is the economic, social and cultural relations cluster, the region-level industry leader. Already back in the late 19th – early 20th century, the city transformed into a major timber processor and wood chemical industry centre. Most of the timber products are exported. Here operate several mechanical engineering and shipbuilding companies, as well as country’s fishery leader JSC Arkhangelsk Trawler Fleet Ltd. The processing industry in Arkhangelsk is also contributed by JSC Arkhangelsk Trial Algae Factory, the only sea algae producing and processing enterprise in Russia and CIS countries. The city functions as an important base for the development of the Arctic and is a starting point for navigating the Northern Sea Route, which adds to the importance of Arkhangelsk in the country’s economic development and enhances the potential of ecotourism development.
Arkhangelsk is 1234 km away from Moscow and is connected with it by federal highway. The railway connects Arkhangelsk with key Russian cities – Moscow (21-hour trip) and St. Petersburg (25-hour trip). On the way to these cities the train stops in such big cities as Vologda and Yaroslavl. The international airport of Arkhangelsk operates daily flights to/from Moscow and St. Petersburg. There is regular connection with Murmansk, Naryan-Mar, the Solovetsky Islands, Norway and Finland. The local airline’s charter flights deliver tourists to Turkey, Egypt and a number of other foreign countries.
Arkhangelsk is cultural and historical capital of the Pomor Land. It is here that North Russia’s traditions and education originate from. Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after Mikhail Lomonosov and Northern State Medical University are situated here. There are three professional theatres in the city – Mikhail Lomonosov Drama Theatre, the Youth Theatre and Puppet Theatre, lots of museums, showrooms, concert halls and cinemas. The international relations with Scandinavia, Western Europe and the USA enliven and intensify the cultural and social life in Pomor Land.

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